Plastic Box Controller

The Plastic Box controller is a compact box design with recessed control panel/pressure gauges. This high spec air pressure controller is ideal for use with high or low pressure lifting cushions/bags.

  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Pressure gauges are recessed into the box for protection
  • Pressure sensitive control joystick for each outlet
  • Two outlets with a variety of different types of quick couplings available (see sales sheet)
  • Able to inflate two bags/cushions at a time, with individual control
  • Colour coded outlets for easy identification (to match colour coded hoses)
  • Housing available in yellow as standard, other colours available on request
  • Straps for easier transportation
  • Can be operated with compressor, SCUBA breathing air cylinder and regulator truck brake air source
  • Available in either 1 (CO0031) bar or 8 bar (CO0034)
  • Option for phosphorescent gauges

Controller Plastic Box
Product Code CO0031 CO0034
Outlet Coupling Geka S. 25 Female
Inlet Coupling S. 26 Female S. 26 Female
Recommended Regulator 8 Bar 8 Bar

Alternate couplings available on request.