StakJak 8 Bar Bags

The StakJak high-pressure (8 bar) lifting bag is a revolutionary flat-profile lifting bag for vehicle and heavy duty lifting requirements. The flat profile of the StakJak has several distinct advantages over traditional ovoid lifting bags of which the most significant is the ability to safely stack up to three bags together. This enables a greater lift height without the risk of sudden ejection or instability that is possible when stacking ovoid bags.

In addition StakJak 8 bar lifting bags are not subject to the diminishing lift capacity experienced with ovoid mats. Complicated graphs and uncertain lifting heights and capacities do not need to be considered when using a StakJak; their lifting capacity remains constant throughout the lift, even at full height.

StakJak lifting bags slim profile allow for use in tight spaces and reduce storage requirements. High pressure lifting bags (also sometimes called lifting mats) are constructed from exceptionally tough Kevlar cord, yet are light enough to be carried by just one person.

StakJak lifting bags can be inflated quickly to provide an instant lift, making them ideal for use in rapid response emergency situations. High pressure lifting bags of this type also have a controlled deflation facility if required, and can be supplied with an optional bleed valve on request.

  • Flat profile avoids diminishing lift
  • Stack up three bags safely
  • Supplied with Karabiner style retaining straps
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Controlled deflation facility
  • Significantly more stable than an ovoid lifting bag
  • Versatile - designed for emergency services but also used in industry, mining, railroads, armed forces, and caravan and static unit companies
  • Complies with EN 13731:2007 (independently tested)

Stak Jak 8 Bar Technical Data
  KSM17 KSM25 KSM49 KSM60
Product Code KSM17/08 KSM25/08 KSM49/08 KSM60/08
Length (cm) 52 62 84 92
Width (cm) 52 62 84 92
Inflated Height (cm) 17.5 17.5 17.5 17.5
Deflated Height (cm) 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Pack Size (cm) 55x55x4 65x65x4 88x88x4 95x95x4
Max. Lifting Capacity at Min. Lighting Height (tonne) 17.2 25.5 49.2 59.8
Max. Lifting Capacity at Max. Lighting Height (tonne) 3.6 7.8 17.9 24.6
Max. Flat Area (cm) 24x24 34x34 56x56 64x64
Air Requirements (ltr) 305 465 893 1074
Weight (kg) 8 12 20 23
Max. Pressure (bar) 8 8 8 8