Airtrack Rescue Path

The Airtrack is an inflatable rescue path used by the majority of the rescue services for accessing casualties during rescue on water, mud, ice and unstable terrain.

Constructed in a catamaran shape, the Airtrack has two sponsons running lengthways down the underside of the path. This shape provides exceptional stability on water, especially during casualty recovery. It also offers clearance on ice, mud flats and unstable terrain, and prevents suction onto mud and soft surfaces.

The Airtrack rescue path is available in various sizes, from 2 to 10m in length. For increased capacity several inflatable paths can be connected using the rapid extension link-up feature. Airtracks can either be connected lengthways to extend the path, or sideways to create a rescue raft, making the Airtrack a truly versatile piece of water rescue equipment.

The Airtrack is compact and portable, packing away neatly into the carrying valise provided. It can be inflated and deployed quickly allowing rescue personnel access to the casualty within minutes.

• Non-slip top surface

• Strong and durable

• Drop stitch construction creates a firm flat surface

• Incorporates retro-reflective tape for visibility

• Stable

• Versatile

• Low maintenance

The Airtrack can also be used as a temporary pontoon, rescue platform or access path.


Airtrack Rescue Path Technical Data
  2M 3M 4M 5M 10M
Product Code WR0011 WR0012 WR0013 WR0014 WR0015
Length (cm) 200 300 400 500 1000
Width (cm) 137 137 137 137 137
Height (cm) 25 25 25 25 25
Max. Capacity (kg) 200 300 400 500 1000
Air Requirements (ltr) 640 960 1280 1600 3200
Pack Size (cm) 82 x 48 x 24 87 x 48 x 28 87 x 48 x 32 87 x 48 x 35 89 x 73 x 50
Weight (kg) 12 17 22 28 55
Recommended Regulator 8 bar 8 bar 8 bar 8 bar 8 bar