Inlet Water Pump

Our inlet water pumps are close-coupled self-priming centrifugal pumps with built-in ejector systems, designed to remain primed even in the presence of water-dissolved gases.

The extensive use of the pressed stainless steel ensures high-performance, durable and lightweight pump. Suitable for use with drinking water.

Pump Applications

  • Water distribution
  • Pressure boosting
  • Irrigation
  • Washing
  • Rain water collection
  • Swimming pools
  • Fountains

Inlet Water Pump Technical Data
  Inlet Water Pump
Product Code DSA002
Delivery Up to 4.2m³/h
Head Up to 53m
Power Supply Single-phase and three-phase 50 and 60Hz
Power 0.37kW to 1.1kW
Max. Operating Pressure (bar) 8 bar
Max. Total Lift (m) 8m
Max. Ambient Temperature 40℃
Temperature of Pumped Liquid ( -10℃ to +40℃
Insulation Class F
Protection IP55