MFC Inflator/Deflator

The MFC Inflator/Deflator can be used for rapid inflation/deflation of our inflatable product range from water rescue products to our larger inflatable shelters.

The inflator/deflator comes fitted with a robust outer steel casing, two heavy duty commercial motors and a twin fan motor assembly which ensures 100% duty cycle for continuous inflation/deflation.


MFC Inflator/Deflator Features:

  • Available in both 120V and 240V
  • Has a robust outer steel casing for additional protection
  • Fitted with two heavy duty commercial motors
  • Twin fan motor assembly ensures 100% duty cycle to ensure continuous inflation/deflation
  • Low maintenance with just regular cleaning/changing of the foam filter to ensure good airflow to cool the motor and prevent overheating, ensuring long life
  • Available with CE approved UK or EU plug

MFC Inflator/Deflator Technical Data
  120V 240V
Product Code 180042 180041
Construction All Steel All Steel
Motor 8.0 Peak HP (two motors) 8.0 Peak HP (two motors)
Airflow 58,000 ft/min 58,000 ft/min
Fan 2 Stage Dual Fan 2 Stage Dual Fan
Voltage 120V CE Approved 240V CE Approved
Watts 2160 Watts 2160 Watts
Current Draw 18 Amps 18 Amps
Hose 1.5/5ft x 1.5" Heavy Duty Hose 1.5/5ft x 1.5" Heavy Duty Hose
Nozzle Nozzle and Bayonet Connector Nozzle and Bayonet Connector
Cable 3.6m/12ft Heavy Duty 3.6m/12ft Heavy Duty
Plug 16A 110V 4h OP44 plug 13 amp UK or 2 Pin European
Filter Foam Filter Washable Foam Filter Washable
Dimensions 550 x 260 x 165 mm 550 x 260 x 165 mm
Weight 7.95 kg 7.95 kg
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months