Body Bag

MFC’s recovery body bag is designed to contain mortalities and body parts after a fatal incident. The bag is designed in an ‘envelope’ style and is able to fit larger adults and below.

The recovery body bag is fitted with 2 handles on each end or 2 handles on each side. The handles make it easier to be carried and transported whilst the bag is in use.

Body Bag Technical Data
  Small Large
Product Code BB0001 BB0002
Length (cm) 236 236
Width (cm) 75 90
Number of Handles 6 6
Packed Size (LxWxH cm) 40x30x7 48x30x7
Est. Max. Carrying Capacity (kg) 150 150
Weight (kg) 3 3.5
Material PVC Coated Polyester PVC Coated Polyester