Inflatable Stretcher

A lightweight inflatable stretcher used to transport causalities in any rescue scenario. The board can be packed down into a small backpack to make it easier for transportation.

Fully inflatable, the stretcher is very lightweight and portable and can be both inflated and deflated by a single valve.

The stretcher has been designed so that it is easy carry whilst in use, with three sturdy lifting handles located on either side of the product. The recovery board also has a multi-point quick release restraint harness for securing casualties during transport. It is ideal for casualty recovery in tight or difficult to reach areas. The compact size means it can be easily stowed in a vehicle, boat, helicopter or aircraft.

The stretcher is inflated via a BA cylinder or pump making it both quick and easy to deploy. The stretcher will comfortably accommodate adults up to 198cm (6’6”) tall and 150kg (23.5st) in weight.

Community Design number: 001409809-0003

Inflatable Stretcher Technical Data
  Inflatable Stretcher
Product Code WR0196
No. of Persons 1
Length (cm) 203
Width (cm) 69.5
Height (cm) 6.7
Capacity (kg) 150
Air Requirements (ltr) 100
Pack Size (cm) 35x35x18
Weight (kg) 5
Working Pressure (bar) 0.5
Recommended Regulator 8 bar