Rescue Craft

The RC4000 Rescue Craft from MFC International is designed to meet the performance criteria of a conventional Inflatable flood rescue boat, while providing the shallow draft and ease of transportation of a rescue sled. The inflatable four-meter design incorporates twin keels with the rigid inflatable floor.

Used with a 2 or 4 stroke short shaft outboard motor, the RC4000 is capable of making headway in strong currents while the twin keels ensure excellent manoeuvrability. It can be towed or line controlled with or without the motor fitted and is light enough for the crew to carry it to a suitable launch point.

When deflated the Rescue Craft packs into a carry bag small enough to fit it together with the motor in the back of a small van or a conventional family hatchback with the rear seats dropped.

The RC4000 is fitted with a range of extra control line points and grab handles and its length makes it highly manoeuvrable, while its generous internal dimensions provide far greater space for occupants than a comparable sized IRB.

The RC4000 can carry up to 10 people, or a rescue crew of four, with plenty of room for equipment.

  • Tough and durable
  • Weighs significantly less than an equivalent Inflatable Rescue Boat (see technical information table)
  • Rapid inflation by a BA Cylinder
  • Compact storage
  • Raised bow for better performance in waves
  • Excellent high speed control
  • No need for a slip way to launch the craft
  • Can be launches from virtually any waterside location
  • No need for a trailer or specialist towing vehicle
  • No special storage facilities needed for the craft
  • Anti-Chafe hypalon on Keels

Scope of Use EN ISO 6185-3: Category D Sheltered Waters

Community Design Number: 2520494

Rescue Craft Technical Data
Product Code WR0209
No. of Persons 10
Length (cm) 400
Width (cm) 200
Height (cm) 84
Tube Diameter (cm) 48
Capacity (kg) 800
Air Requirements (ltr) 3000
Working Pressure - Tube (bar) 0.2
Working Pressure - Floor (bar) 0.4
Pack Size (cm) 140 x 50 x 35
Est. Weight (kg) 53
Max. Engine, Short Shaft (hp) 25 / 30
Max. Engine Weight (kg) 65
Recommended Regulator 8 bar