Pillow Tanks

MFC International’s range of Pillow Tanks provide a robust and quickly deployable solution for the storage and transportation of water. There are two ranges of pillow tanks- Potable and non-potable.

Manufactured with integrated handles and lifting points on larger sizes, MFC International Pillow Tanks are designed to be as easy as possible to transport when full. They come complete with restraining straps to limit movement during transportation and are suitable for use on various different vehicles, including on the back of a 4x4. When empty the Pillow Tank collapse down for compact storage and can be carried by 1-2 people.

Constructed from exceptionally strong and durable PVC material, Pillow Tanks provide a reliable solution for temporary or long term water storage.

They are very quick and straightforward to deploy and can be manufactured for potable drinking water, making them ideal for use in disaster relief situations.

MFC International Pillow Tanks are available in a range of sizes and colours, and we can offer a wide variety of fittings for filling and emptying the tanks. If you have specific requirements we are confident we can meet your needs.

  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Robust and durable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Available for potable water
  • Can be used for the storage of waste water
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Fully customizable design

Pillow Tanks Technical Data
Capacity (litres) 250 400 500 1000 5000 10000
Product Code: Potable WS0025 WS0026 WS0027 WS0028 WS0029 WS0030
Product Code: Non-Potable WS0014 WS0015 WS0016 WS0017 WS0018 WS0024
Capacity (litres) 250 400 500 1000 5000 10000
Length (cm) 90 117 117 150 400 510
Width (cm) 80 75 95 150 225 220
Height (when full) (cm) 35 53 53 55 57 100

Note: Other sizes may be produced to order.